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Cooperation-Oriented Innovation 

We promote systematic dialogue and synergies between Science, Technology, and Business

Our Hallmarks 

We drive innovative solutions to common-interest challenges
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Strategic Innovation Committee 

The Strategic Innovation Committee brings together Science, Technology, and Businesses from the Valencian Community to advise AVI on the identification of innovation opportunities.

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Innovative Solutions 

Through specialized strategic innovation committees, challenges are prioritized, and innovative solutions are proposed, with AVI giving priority to their development in its programs.

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Support for the Innovation System 

The Agency announces six R&D&I support programs every year to promote the development and strengthening of the Valencian Innovation System

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Innovation Agent Network 

We fund Innoagents, a network of agents in universities, research centers, and business associations to transfer innovation and knowledge to companies.

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Public Procurement of Innovation 

We lead innovation in public procurement as a means to improve services to citizens, boost private innovation, and diversify the production system.

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Scientific Units for Business Innovation 

We support the creation of specific units to promote applied research in centers of scientific excellence.

  • The Valencian Innovation Agency

    The Valencian Innovation Agency (Agència Valenciana de la Innovació - AVI) is a meeting point for all the agents of the Valencian Innovation System (Sistema Valenciano de Innovación - SVI). Its mission is to contribute to the transformation of the production model in the Comunitat Valenciana in order to achieve a smart, sustainable and socially consistent economic growth, by means of promoting the available knowledge and developing our capacity for innovation.

  • The Valencian Innovation System

    The Valencian Innovation System (Sistema Valenciano de Innovación - SVI) includes universities and centres for advanced research; technology institutes; health research centres; IVF (Valencian Institute of Finance), financial institutions and venture capital funds; Public Administrations and the entire business fabric of the Comunitat Valenciana.