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President's letter

Right Honourable Mr. Ximo Puig

President of the Generalitat Valenciana
President of the AVI

The Valencian Innovation Agency (Agència Valenciana de la Innovació - AVI) is one of the main initiatives of the Consell de la Generalitat to promote structural improvements of the Valencian production model.

These improvements focus on two main areas: the first one relates to the direction intended for the new model, i.e., to achieve a smart, sustainable and integrating growth pattern, aligned with the objectives adopted by the 2020 European Strategy.

The second area addresses the full integration of the Valencian production system in the knowledge economy and the global competitiveness era.

That said, for the different companies and sectors included in our production fabric to be able to adopt all types of innovations and technologies, some of them with a clearly disruptive nature, to ensure achieving both strategies, it will be necessary to have, not only a high volume of knowledge stored in the system, but also a high level of accessibility of those companies and sectors to such knowledge. This cannot occur in an effective manner unless the overall Innovation System is conveniently interconnected.

The main mission of the AVI will therefore be to design and coordinate the Comunitat Valenciana Innovation Strategy, while driving the articulation of all the Valencian Innovation System agents, leveraging the synergy with other bodies of the Generalitat focused on business innovation and competitiveness improvement.

Finally, it is worth highlighting that the Valencian Innovation Agency is a project developed with the consensus of all agents involved in the system: business organisations and trade unions, representatives from the scientific and technological community and from the public administration. For this reason, it is a long-term initiative that will transcend even the electoral cycles.

We hope that we will be able to join our efforts to contribute for many years to this exciting mission, while thinking about future generations and not just about the next elections.