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The Valencian Innovation Agency (Agència Valenciana de la Innovació - AVI) uses different instruments and courses of action to transform the Valencian production system by driving a sustained and sustainable growth of the per capita income, promoting the creation of quality jobs and contributing to a higher and better quality of life for citizens.

As a coordinating agent of the Valencian Innovation System (SVI), the AVI fosters the interrelation between scientists, technology institutes and companies in order to develop innovations and technology solutions that do not exist in the market and respond to the great challenges presented to the Valencian production system.

Such interconnection of the SVI nodes can become a reality with the Administration support through innovative public purchasing programmes, technological dialogues between scientists, technologists and companies, or through the innovation scientific units, among other actions planned by the AVI.

Technology Dialogue

The Agency promotes an effective and smooth dialogue between experts, scientists of a specific knowledge area, with technologists, companies and Public Administrations so the goods produced or the services rendered will respond to a real need on which the work of all the components of the Valencian Innovation System (SVI) will be based.

The final objective is that the innovations and technologies resulting from the coordinated participation of all the SVI agents are eventually incorporated both by the companies and by the Administration, adding value to the different economic activities.

Undesired solitude in vulnerable groups

Coordinated by the at the vice-president of the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) and full Professor Universitat de València, Sacramento Pinazo; this multidisciplinar team is integrated by Daniel Ruiz (Universidad de Alicante), Javier Palanca and Vicente Traver (Universitat Politècnica de València) and Rosa Baños (Universitat de València) as representatives of the scientific community, whereas, Rocío Zaragozá (AIJU) and Rakel Poveda (IBV) participate on behalf of the Technology Institutes.

The productive fabric contribtes to this committee with four members: Soledad Alonso (Gesmed), Celia Sánchez (One Million Bot S.L.), Joaquín Rieta (PrevenPro) and Pau Amat (Soft Home Services).

The list of members is completed with regional director of Social Intervention of Spanish Red Cross, Teresa Navarro and the president of the Education Commission of this same organisation within the Valencian Region

Amparo Pérez, as well as the director of the department of Digital Technology Services of Spanish Red Cross, Carlos Capataz. The Autonomous Secretariat for Social Services and Personal Autonomy, María Elena Ferrando also attends the meetings.

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First meeting press release
Second meeting press release
Third meeting press release

Intelligent Tourist Destinations

The innovation Committee is under the auspices of the AVI and Invat.tur and coordinated by the director of the Technological Institute for Toymaking (AIJU), Manuel Argonés.

Representing the regional network of Intelligent Tourist Destinations are Aida García (Ayuntamiento de Benidorm); Carlos Marco (Ayuntamiento de Gandia); Luis Miguel Morant (Ayuntamiento de l'Alfàs del Pi) and Lorena Zamora (Ayuntamiento de Alcoi). Scientists José Antonio Ivars (Universidad de Alicante), Jaume Llorens (Universitat Jaume I), Enrique Bigné (Universitat de València) and Laura Sebastià (Universidad Politècnica de València) complete the group together with technologists Fran Ricau (ITI) and José Darío Such. The business side is represented by Federico Fuster (GF Hoteles), Pablo Hernández (Hoteles RRHH) and. Francisco J. Ribera (Gran Hotel de Peñíscola). Francisco Juan Martínez (Invat·tur), Leire Bilbao and Nuria Montes (Fundación Turismo Benidorm); together with José Manuel Camarero (Visit Valencia) are invited to attend the Committees meetings.

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First meeting press release
Second meeting press release
Third meeting press release

Nutrition and Hospital Diet

This innovation Committee is coordinated by Dolores Corella, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, with the participation of medical specialists and scientists: Antonio Miguel Picó (Hospital General de Alicante), Carmen Ribes-Koninckx (Hospital La Fe de Valencia), Miguel Civera (Hospital Clínico de Valencia), Amparo Tárrega (IATA-CSIC), Purificación García (UPV), as well as Ana Zaragoza (UA) and Paula Crespo (CODiNuCoVa). The group is rounded with two representatives of Technology Institutes, Juan Antonio Costa (Aimplas) y Encarna Gómez (AINIA), together with michelin-starred chef María José San Román (Restaurante Monastrell). The business insight is provided by Zarza Burgués (Catering services and projects) and Javier Cervera, (Interfood Catering).

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First meeting press release

Second meeting press release

Third meeting press release

Intelligent Industrial Areas

Over 70 scientists, company managers and business parks participated in the technological dialogues to define a new, intelligent, management model of these facilities. A total of nine working tables were organised in Alicante, Almussafes, Castelló and València. These have allowed to identify over 50 innovations based on six strategic axes: water and power supply, waste, mobility and logistics, security and resilience to disasters and emergency coordination.

Support Programmes and Lines

Among other things, the Valencian Innovation Agency promotes high-impact projects developed in collaboration with various agents of the SVI, the strengthening of the business value chain as a whole, the increase of knowledge  

use by companies, and the innovative public purchasing, as an instrument to develop technologies and innovations intended for the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of public services.

To achieve its objectives, the Agency has the power to grant subsidies and aids through tenders on a competitive basis and its keys actions can be summarised as:

Check prioritary challenges for 2020 call

Assessment and transfer of research results to companies

Promotion of talent: innovation agents, incorporation of technologists into companies and business doctoral studies

Drive of innovative public purchasing

Strategic cooperation projects

Consolidation of the business value chain

Complementary action to boost and strengthen innovation

Special Actions

The AVI leads, coordinates and drives activities with a high potential impact on the production system therefore becoming the reference model for the actions of the different agents in the SVI.

Innovation Public Procurement Promotion

Boosting Innovation Public Procurement (IPP) is one of the strategic axes of the Innovation Agency for the Valencian Region, aimed to leverage the Valencian Region Public Administration’s purchase power, thereby achieving to favour the development of innovative markets through public procurement that not only improve the efficiency and quality of the public services of the public services, but also contribute to improve the competitiveness of our companies

With this objective, the Innovation Agency for the Valencian Region has drawn up a User’s guide addressed to Public Procurement Departments and agents of the Valencian Region Public Administration, that advises and provides support throughout all stages of the Innovation Public Procurement Process, from the initial needs analysis and identification to the launch of the procurement process, including choosing the tendering procedure that implies a high degree of technical complexity of such legislation. 

The result of this work, that has been validated by the contracting authorities of the Valencian Regional Government, as well as local entities and the Advocacy itself, has finally materialised in a technical guide that offers valid action protocols for all public bodies.

Download the IPP Practical Guide (PDF)

Asides from this manual, the AVI has implemented further actions to make the Innovation Public Procurement (IPP) in the Valencian Region more dynamic, such as providing training to public employees, or advising, supporting and monitoring the IPP processes of any public body of the Valencian regional Government. Likewise, the AVI will also proceed to identify, analyse and, where appropriate, support the access to IPP founds available at local, state wide or European level for new projects identified after an early demand analysis.

Scientific Units for Business Innovation (Unidades Científicas de Innovación Empresarial - UCIE)

To boost the research applied to the production activity, the Agency supports the creation of research centres with scientific units with the sole purpose of innovating. The units become the link between the subject being researched and developed by the centre and the needs identified by the technology institutes and the business fabric. The three areas, under the supervision of the Agency, suggest the challenges to overcome and the means to tackle them without using ordinary resources from the research centres where they have been implemented.

* El asterisco indica los beneficiaros que han obtenido las ayudas por concurrencia competitiva

Alliance between development and the propagation of technologies enabling the new economy

The objective is to integrate the knowledge related to the technologies enabling the new economy in reference centres for training, new developments and solutions to business challenges throughout the Comunitat Valenciana.

Driving the updating of knowledge and competencies in technologies enabling the new economy

Carrying out professional specialisation activities in technology areas related to technologies enabling the new economy, intended for an improvement of the professional competencies.

Driving design as the innovation basis

In collaboration with the Designer Association of the Valencian Community, there is a boost for actions intended to strengthen design as a strategic sector and one of the core bases for innovation in the Valencian Community.

Driving the new robotic surgery and related technologies

The Agency collaborates with the General University Hospital of València and technology institutes in the Comunitat Valenciana to support the development of innovative projects in the field of robotic surgery.

Driving the adoption of innovative and scientific knowledge in the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències)

The Agency supports the City of Arts and Sciences to adopt and disseminate the latest scientific and innovative advances originating in the Valencian Innovation System.